Grenada citizenship
by investment

Visa-free travels for cosmopolitans with access to the USA and China

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$150,000+ fund contribution
$220,000+ real estate purchase
3—6 months obtaining period
License № GCBI MA 55

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is one of the oldest in the world, launched in 1997. More than 20 years of programme operation means streamlined processes and compliance with the time frames for all procedures.

Grenada has one of the most popular citizenship programmes. The Grenada passport allows visiting China without a visa for 30 days a year. Grenada citizens can get a US Entrepreneur Visa — E-2. There is no minimum amount of business investment for this type of visa. At the same time, the investor can freely enter and leave the USA and live there with their family.

146 countries are available to a Grenada citizen for visa-free entry.

CBI programme participants choose one of the two options: contribute money to a government fund or invest in a real estate project. The contribution starts at $ 150,000, and the real estate investment starts at $ 220,000. The real estate must be owned for the first 5 years of citizenship, during which it is possible to get a rental yield of about 4% per annum.

Investors’ family members can also get Grenada passports. The process takes 3 to 6 months and is remote and confidential.

8 main benefits of the Grenada programme


Low investment threshold

Wealthy people can invest at least $150,000 and get Grenada passports.


Fast processing time

The whole process of becoming a Grenada citizen takes 3 to 6 months.


Visa-free entry to 146 countries

Without visas, Grenada citizens can travel to 146 countries, including the EU, UK, Hong Kong, and China.

The E-2 business visa to the USA is available to Grenada citizens. The visa allows the investor and their family to live, do business, study and work in the USA without entry restrictions.

With Grenada investment citizenship, getting a US visitor visa for 10 years is easier.

Grenada has a visa-waiver agreement with China with an allowed stay of up to 30 days per year.


Preferential education

The investor’s children can be educated in the UK on preferential terms.


European bank accounts

The Grenada passport makes it easier to open an account with European banks to take out loans, deposit money and carry out simple currency transactions.


Tax optimisation

Grenada taxation may benefit residents as income and capital received outside the country are not taxed. Grenada has no taxes on wealth, inheritance and capital gains.

Tax rates in Grenada:

  • 28%— on the income of companies earned in the country;
  • 5 to 15% — property transfer;
  • up to 0.5% — on real estate.

Investment return

The Grenada CBI programme offers investors to purchase shares in tourism infrastructure projects. During ownership, the property can be rented out and bring an income of 2 to 5% per annum. After 5 years, the property can be sold at a profit.


Convenient service

The processing is remote and confidential through a licensed programme agent like Immigrant Invest.

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Who gets Grenada citizenship

  • Over 18 years old
  • Without criminal records
  • Without visa refusals
  • Without citizenship refusals
  • Has passed Due Diligence
Children under 30
  • Financially dependent on the investor
Parents or grandparents of the spouses
  • No age limit
  • Financially dependent
Siblings of the spouses
  • Over 18 years old
  • Unmarried and have no children

Investment options and requirements for obtaining Grenada citizenship

1 option

Non-refundable contribution

A non-refundable contribution to the National Transformation Fund. Grenada uses the fund money to support healthcare, education and agriculture.

In addition to investing, a programme participant also pays for Due Diligence and preparation of documents, as well as state fees. The total expenses amount depends on the number and age of family members.

Investments in the Grenada state fund, including fees

Contribution to the National
Transformation Fund

$150,000 — for an investor

$200,000 — for a family of 2 to 4 people

$25,000 — extra payment per applicant starting with the fifth family member, excluding:
• $50,000 — per parent under 55
• $75,000 — per sibling

Due Diligence $5,000 — per applicant over 16
Application fee $1,500 — per applicant
Processing fee

$1,500 — per applicant over 18

$500 — per child under 18

2 option

Purchase of government‑approved real estate

The investor can choose a property from a government-approved list, which includes hotels and condominiums. Grenada offers to buy a share in a project, a villa or an apartment. Share participation requires the lowest investment sum of $220,000. After 5 years, the property can be sold, and the investment returned.

The investor can earn income by renting out the property. If the investor participates in the project, they get half the income. A management company deals with organisational and technical matters. If the investor has bought an apartment or cottage, they can live in it themselves or rent it out.

According to Global Property Guide, renting out tourist properties in Grenada generates between 2 and 5% yearly yield.

The holiday season lasts all year round, so there is always a demand for property, and rental prices do not fluctuate.

Investments in Grenada real estate, including fees

Investment amount $220,000 — regardless of the number of applicants, for a minimum of 5-year ownership
State fee

$50,000 — for a family of up to 4 people

$25,000 — per applicant from the fifth family member, excluding:
• $50,000 — per parent under 55
• $75,000 — per sibling

Due Diligence $5,000 — per applicant over 16
Application fee
$1,500 — per applicant
Processing fee

$1,500 — per applicant over 18

$500 — per child under 18

Examples of investment properties
in Grenada

Shares in a new resort complex managed by the Intercontinental Group

Buy real estate in the Caribbean: hotel shares
Buy real estate in the Caribbean: hotel shares
$220,000 Price
2—5% Yield
5 years Investment return period
50m to the ocean
21km to the airport
Infrastructure within a radius 100m

The hotel complex is located near La Sagesse Beach, a 30-minute drive from Maurice Bishop International Airport and the capital city of St George’s. The complex includes 150 rooms, 30 private suites, restaurants and bars, a spa, a pool, a fitness centre, conference rooms, and a business centre. An investor can buy a share in the project.

Help with the choice

I will tell you which object is of the best quality of construction and in an attractive area for living or renting out.

Natalia Oganesyan Real Estate Chief Operations Officer, RICS certified professional

Expenses on obtaining citizenship for a family of 4 people

Expenses Fund contribution Real estate purchase
Investment amount $200,000 $220,000
Due Diligence $15,000 $15,000
State fee $50,000
Application fee $6,000 $6,000
Processing fee $5,000 $5,000
Total $226,000 $296,000

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calculation for Grenada

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6 steps to obtaining Grenada citizenship by investment

Choosing a licensed agent

Choosing a licensed agent

Only a law company, which is a licensed programme agent, may apply for Grenada economic citizenship on the investor’s behalf.

Immigrant Invest, which has its own Compliance Department, confidentially checks the applicant against international legal and business information databases.

Preliminary Due Diligence

Preliminary Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a key part of the CBI programme. It determines whether Grenada will approve the investor’s application for citizenship.

A certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer reviews investors’ documents and warns them of potential risks.

If any issues arise during the review process that may cause the investor’s application to be rejected, the licensed agent will offer other citizenship by investment programmes.

Entering into an agreement

Entering into an agreement

If the preliminary Due Diligence check is successful, the investor enters into a cooperation agreement with a company, a Grenada licensed programme agent.

Document preparation

Document preparation

Immigrant Invest, a licensed programme agent, collects citizenship application documents, translates and apostilles them, fills out government forms, and prepares an affidavit, if necessary.

Due Diligence by the Grenada CBI Unit

Due Diligence by the Grenada CBI Unit

The process begins when the citizenship application documents are submitted and takes 3–6 months. Due Diligence takes place remotely, and the investor’s presence is not required.

Receiving citizenship documents

Receiving citizenship documents

The Grenada passport and naturalisation certificate can be collected from a licensed agent’s office or delivered by courier to a convenient address.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme?

The key programme benefit is the freedom to travel to 146 countries, including visa-free visits to China and the Schengen states.

Investors also appreciate the programme for:

  1. Low cost, as a Grenada passport can be obtained by investing $ 150,000 in the country’s economy.
  2. Quick processing as the passport issuance procedure takes 3 to 6 months.
  3. Convenient service as the procedure is remote and confidential. All processing is done through a licensed agent of the Grenada CBI program.
What are the advantages of Grenada citizenship for the investor?

An investor with a Grenada passport can:

  1. Travel freely to 146 countries. The visa-free destinations include the EU, UK, China, and Hong Kong.
  2. Get a US business visa of the E-2 type. The visa allows the investor and their family to live, do business, study, and work in the USA without restrictions on entry.
  3. Get a B-1/B-2 visitor visa to the USA for 10 years.
  4. Visit China without a visa as Grenada has a visa-waiver agreement with the country. The period of stay in China is up to 30 days a year.
  5. Educate children in the UK on preferential terms.
  6. Open accounts with European banks to take out loans, keep money on deposits and carry out simple currency transactions.
  7. Change the tax residency. Paying taxes in Grenada might be beneficial as income and capital gained outside the country are not taxed. There are no taxes on wealth, inheritance or capital gains.
  8. Receive passive income from the rental of real estate, which the investor bought under the citizenship programme. The tourist infrastructure that Grenada offers to investors shows good liquidity on the market. Rental yield is 2 to 5% per year. After 5 years, the property can be sold at a profit.
What are the requirements for investors who want to participate in the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme?

The CBI programme conditions require the main applicant to be over 18 years old and have no sanctions and criminal records. The investor must not have been rejected under other citizenship programmes or in getting visas. Applicants also pass Due Diligence and prove that their income is legal.

Who can obtain Grenadian citizenship with an investor?

Together with the main applicant, the second Grenada citizenship may be granted to their spouse, children up to 30 years old, parents, grandparents, and siblings over 18 years of age. Siblings must have no children and be unmarried.

What are investment options available under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Investors choose between two options:

  1. A contribution to the National Transformation Fund of at least $ 150,000.
  2. Investments in real estate from a list of government-approved projects. The minimum property price is $ 220,000. The minimum ownership period is 5 years.
What are additional expenses under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Besides the investment, the applicant pays fees for document preparation, application processing and Due Diligence. The total cost depends on the number and age of the family members.

Can the investor return the invested money?

Yes, the investor can return the money if they get Grenada real estate citizenship and buy a property — after 5 years, they can sell it. Over the ownership period, they can rent it out and earn a passive income of 2 to 5% a year.

What is the procedure for obtaining Grenada citizenship by investment?

The procedure of obtaining Grenada economic citizenship consists of 5 main steps:

  1. Choose a licensed agent who will perform a preliminary Due Diligence check. Under Grenada law, only legal companies, licensed agents, such as Immigrant Invest, can apply for citizenship. Our company has its own Compliance Department that confidentially checks the applicant against international legal and business information databases. They study all documents and warn of potential risks.
  2. Entering into an agreement. When the preliminary check is successful, the investor signs a contract with Immigrant Invest.
  3. Preparation of documents. Our lawyers collect documents for citizenship applications, translate and apostille them, and complete government forms.
  4. Due Diligence check by the Grenada CBI Unit lasts for 3 to 6 months. It takes place remotely; the investor’s presence is not required.
  5. Receiving citizenship documents. All documents can be picked up at our office or delivered by courier to the desired address.
How fast can I get Grenada citizenship?

The process of obtaining Grenada investment citizenship takes 3 to 6 months.

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