Full calculation of the cost of citizenship of the Caribbean countries

We calculate the cost of participation in the citizenship program: how much to invest in order to obtain a passport of the countries of the Caribbean region or Vanuatu

The calculation of the cost includes investments under the program, all related costs, payment schedule and the cost of accompaniment services upon obtaining citizenship. You will find out the exact cost that your family will need to obtain a Caribbean or Vanuatu passport.

How to get a custom calculation

Indicate the country and family members who will receive a second passport along with the investor. Within one working day, Immigrant Invest lawyers will calculate the cost of your chosen citizenship.

The programs of the Caribbean countries provide for at least two investment options: the purchase of real estate and a non-refundable contribution to the state fund. Saint Lucia also offers to purchase bonds, and Antigua and Barbuda to invest in a government-approved business project. Vanuatu's program only offers a grant.

The cost of citizenship depends on the chosen investment option and the number of relatives who participate in the program with the investor.

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