Visa-free countries for Dominica passport holders

Dominica citizens can travel to 145 countries visa-free

Visa required

A Dominica passport provides freedom of travel to its holder, allowing free entry to 145 countries. These include the UK, all the Schengen states, Singapore, South Korea, and China. Aside from that, Dominica citizens can obtain a 10-year visitor visa to the USA. 

List of visa-free countries for Dominica citizens

Dominica citizens can travel visa-free to 110 countries around the world. In addition, they can obtain visas upon arrival or online in 35 other countries.   

1 Andorra Visa-free
2 Austria Visa-free
3 Belarus Visa-free
4 Belgium Visa-free
5 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa-free
6 Bulgaria Visa-free
7 Croatia Visa-free
8 Cyprus Visa-free
9 Czech Republic Visa-free
10 Denmark Visa-free
11 Estonia Visa-free
12 Faroe Islands Visa-free
13 Finland Visa-free
14 France Visa-free
15 Germany Visa-free
16 Gibraltar Visa-free
17 Greece Visa-free
18 Greenland Visa-free
19 Hungary Visa-free
20 Iceland Visa-free
21 Ireland Visa-free
22 Italy Visa-free
23 Kosovo Visa-free
24 Latvia Visa-free
25 Liechtenstein Visa-free
26 Lithuania Visa-free
27 Luxembourg Visa-free
28 Malta Visa-free
29 Moldova Visa-free
30 Monaco Visa-free
31 Montenegro Visa-free
32 Netherlands Visa-free
33 Norway Visa-free
34 Poland Visa-free
35 Portugal Visa-free
36 Romania Visa-free
37 Russian Federation Visa-free
38 San Marino Visa-free
39 Serbia Visa-free
40 Slovakia Visa-free
41 Slovenia Visa-free
42 Spain Visa-free
43 Sweden Visa-free
44 Switzerland Visa-free
45 Ukraine Visa-free
46 United Kingdom Visa-free
47 Vatican City Visa-free
48 Armenia  Visa on arrival
49 Bangladesh  Visa on arrival
50 Cambodia  Visa on arrival
51 China Visa-free
52 Hong Kong (SAR China) Visa-free
53 Indonesia Visa-free
54 Iran  Visa on arrival
55 Israel Visa-free
56 Jordan  Visa on arrival
57 Laos  Visa on arrival
58 Macao (SAR China) Visa-free
59 Malaysia Visa-free
60 Maldives  Visa on arrival
61 Nepal  Visa on arrival
62 Palestinian Territory Visa-free
63 Philippines Visa-free
64 Singapore Visa-free
65 South Korea Visa-free
66 Sri Lanka  eTA
67 Timor-Leste  Visa on arrival
68 Uzbekistan Visa-free
69 Argentina Visa-free
70 Belize Visa-free
71 Bermuda Visa-free
72 Bolivia  Visa on arrival
73 Brazil Visa-free
74 Colombia Visa-free
75 Costa Rica Visa-free
76 Ecuador Visa-free
77 French Guiana Visa-free
78 Guyana Visa-free
79 Nicaragua  Visa on arrival
80 Panama Visa-free
81 Peru Visa-free
82 Suriname Visa-free
83 Uruguay Visa-free
84 Venezuela Visa-free
85 Anguilla Visa-free
86 Antigua and Barbuda Visa-free
87 Aruba Visa-free
88 Bahamas Visa-free
89 Barbados Visa-free
90 Bonaire; St Eustatius and Saba Visa-free
91 British Virgin Islands Visa-free
92 Cayman Islands Visa-free
93 Cuba Visa-free
94 Curacao Visa-free
95 Dominican Republic Visa-free
96 French West Indies Visa-free
97 Grenada Visa-free
98 Haiti Visa-free
99 Jamaica Visa-free
100 Montserrat Visa-free
101 St Kitts and Nevis Visa-free
102 St Lucia Visa-free
103 St Maarten Visa-free
104 St Vincent and the Grenadines Visa-free
105 Trinidad and Tobago Visa-free
106 Turks and Caicos Islands Visa-free
107 Botswana Visa-free
108 Burundi  Visa on arrival
109 Cape Verde Islands  Visa on arrival
110 Comores Islands  Visa on arrival
111 Egypt  Visa on arrival
112 Eswatini (Swaziland) Visa-free
113 Gambia Visa-free
114 Guinea-Bissau  Visa on arrival
115 Kenya Visa-free
116 Lesotho Visa-free
117 Madagascar  Visa on arrival
118 Malawi Visa-free
119 Mauritania  Visa on arrival
120 Mauritius Visa-free
121 Mayotte Visa-free
122 Mozambique  Visa on arrival
123 Reunion Visa-free
124 Rwanda  Visa on arrival
125 Senegal  Visa on arrival
126 Seychelles  Visa on arrival
127 Sierra Leone  Visa on arrival 
128 Somalia  Visa on arrival 
129 St Helena  Visa on arrival
130 Tanzania Visa-free
131 Togo  Visa on arrival
132 Uganda Visa on arrival
133 Zambia Visa-free
134 Cook Islands Visa-free
135 Fiji Visa-free
136 French Polynesia Visa-free
137 Micronesia Visa-free
138 New Caledonia Visa-free
139 Niue Visa-free
140 Palau Islands  Visa on arrival 
141 Samoa  Visa on arrival 
142 Solomon Islands  Visa on arrival
143 Tonga  Visa on arrival 
144 Tuvalu  Visa on arrival 
145 Vanuatu Visa-free

Popular travel destinations with a Dominica passport 

The Schengen Area. Many investors obtain second citizenship in Dominica specifically for visa-free travels to the Schengen Area.  

For short stays of up to 90 days every half a year, Dominica citizens don’t need visas to the Schengen countries. The limit applies to the whole area rather than individual countries, meaning one cannot spend 90 days in Germany and then go to Austria. Travellers must fit all their desired destinations within the Schengen Area within the 90-day limit. 

90 days every 6 months
Time to spend in the Schengen Area visa-free

The UK. Dominica citizens can also travel visa-free to the UK for up to 180 days without limitations. Visa-free entry is allowed only for tourism. For employment, studies or marriage, a special visa is required.

180 days
Visa-free stay in the UK

China is visa-free for Dominica citizens in case of short-term trips of up to 30 days.

Hong Kong. Dominica citizens can travel to Hong Kong without visas for up to 90 days.

In Singapore, Dominica passport holders can stay visa-free for up to 30 days.  

The USA. Dominica citizenship does not provide visa-free entry to the USA but does allow obtaining a 10-year visitor visa. 

The B-1/B-2 visa allows its holder to travel to the USA for tourism and business purposes. Dominica citizens can visit their family and friends, attend business meetings or speak at conferences. However, this type of visa does not allow studying or working permanently in the country. 

Frequently asked questions

How many countries are visa-free for Dominica?

Dominica maintains a visa-free regime with 145 countries in the world. These include all the Schengen states, the UK, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  

Is Dominica a Schengen country?

No, Dominica is not included in the Schengen Area. However, Dominica citizens can travel to the Schengen countries visa-free for short stays of up to 90 days every 180 days.

How strong is a Dominica passport?

A Dominica passport allows visa-free entry to 145 countries, which makes it the 31st strongest passport in the world. 

Can I live in the UK with a Dominica passport?

A Dominica passport allows visa-free entry to the UK for up to 180 days. However, there is no limit on the number of days to spend in the UK per year or the number of times to enter the country. 

Without a visa, Dominica citizens can only visit the UK for tourism. They will need to obtain a special visa for work, studies or marriage.

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